Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Posting to Virginia Woolf

Two and a bit kilos worth of cards and mini prints are at this moment winging their way to the cottage in East Sussex where Virginia Woolf (when not in London) lived, wrote, and ultimately from where she walked to her death in the nearby River Ouse.
It is now owned by the National Trust.

It is hugely exciting to have my work on sale in places where my literary heroes lived (as I said last year when I got cards and prints into Keats House). I can't remember exactly how and when I came upon Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group, but I do know I was at art school, so that's almost donkey's years ago!

So here (just in case you missed them previously!) is a reprise of the images of Monk's House which will be on sale at their newly installed shop as of next week.


  1. The Bloomsbury Group was where I first was given permission to draw anywhere I wanted! What a freeing thought! It is an honor to have your art in one of your hero's homesteads. You've arrived!

  2. These are lovely! I like the colours - both seem very joyful and lively. I especially like the lady in her coat with the fur collar. Brilliant! It seems the idea to turn famous people houses into pretty collages was a good one. K.

  3. Thank you both!
    It is indeed an honour. It hits home especially when addressing the parcels to the actual addresses where these geniuses lived.

  4. VERY exciting!!
    Wish you would do one of Longfellow's Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Massachusetts! An historic inn where my hubby and I were married ( in the wedding chapel nearby, that is) and had our wedding reception. It is very charming! A horse drawn carriage brings the newly wed couple from the chapel to the Inn. Just a thought!

    1. I will have a Google, Judy. Hadn't thought about crossing the Atlantic (yet). Actually I think I have only done one foreign house so far....

  5. It is hugely exciting to have my work on sale in places where my literary heroes lived

    Does it get more exciting than that? No. Congratulations!

    You are now part of your literary heroes story. Wow and your art work is lovely