Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back to the drawing board

Spending time gathering my thoughts and ideas in my doodle book, as you see, and happy to have abandoned yesterday's aberration.
I picked up a book about the Brontës in the library this morning. It smelt rather old and musty and hadn't been taken out in seven years, but the first sentence I read was this:
"Emily's interior life was as spacious as the landscape that met the gaze from the field path behind the parsonage and against so ultimate a background everything was simplified."
I really liked that.
So I have brought it home to give it an airing and see what emerges.

More scribbling, most probably ....


  1. Please educate me. " Not having read the Brontes. Does that mean her capacity was big so most problems were trivial or that she was bored.?