Saturday, August 10, 2013

Some Imaginary Portraits

In between houses I like to loosen up with an imaginary portrait or two. All are related, however distantly, to the houses and generally surface due to books and my researches.
This was a Bloomsbury one which was sold just hours after I put it in my shop:

A True Innocent, She Had a Child-like Faith in the Present
And here are a couple of Romantics ones I did this week as well:

 Years Passed and Still She Nurs'd Romantic Fancies

She Wandered the Passages At Night Like Some Forlorn Ghost
I have written about the background to these portraits on my website:
and my online shop:


  1. Hi Amanda, The True Innocent arrived today, she is delightful! Now debating where to hang her! MJ.

  2. Hallo Mary, I am so glad she has found a lovely home like yours! xx