Monday, February 3, 2014

Dr Johnson's House

So, here it is at last:

As seems to be my habit, it has rather a long-winded title:
Dr Johnson, his House in Gough Square and his Cat, Hodge
No idea whose dog it is terrorising poor Hodge, though.
His dictionary assistant up in the garrett looks a bit annoyed, so maybe it's his.

The windows at No. 17 all have elegant indoor shutters which I have recreated here using pieces of photocopied cut up Johnson dictionary. I don't think anyone would actually notice these slivers, but I know they're there. I needed to get the great man's great work in there somehow!

Blind Miss Williams is in the window with Johnson's less well-know cat, Lily.
The puddles and pigeons are very London, I think.


  1. Hi Amanda, I've been following your blog for a while and always enjoy seeing your projects both ongoing and finished. This is beautiful, so full of little details. I love that you can actually see some of the goings on inside the house.

  2. Amanda just to say how absolutely wonderful your painting of Blake's Cottage is......I have been there and it brought back so many fine memories of him and his fabulous work.