Thursday, May 26, 2011

British Naives

It's that time of year again - parcelling up some pictures for the annual Association of British Naive Artists show in St Ives. Actually it isn't because the date has been brought forward so it's not nearly a year since the last exhibition  ... Pictures to arrive by June 14 deadline. 
Anyway, I am away tomorrow to my friendly local framer with these:

Three of them are on paper so would be a liability to send to the UK behind glass so I am going to see how they look with the unbreakable synthetic alternative (whispers: "plastic") but the sheet I was shown last week looked good.
I may send in the Haworth collage too but haven't decided yet.
The show runs from July 9 to 22 at the Crypt Gallery.


  1. Love them all, especially the last two. All those dots of paint! Good luck with the framing.

  2. Hi Deb,
    Having a rest from the dots at the moment! I was admiring your astral bodies this morning - and the grapes. Beautiful work.

  3. Oh Amanda, I saw that you were posting to St Ives and got ridiculously excited as we are going to be in Cornwall soon...sadly not on the days when the exhibition is on!! :( Would have been a fabulous opportunity to see your work 'in the flesh' so to speak!!
    Hope you're well and good luck with it all, love Julia x

  4. Wave wave Julia,
    Lucky you going to Cornwall. I hope the lovely weather holds. I too would so like to visit the show and see everyone's work. For now will have to be content with the new ABNA website which is looking good. Maybe next year (as the song goes!) ....

  5. No doubt, you really have the talent! I was speechless. And you know what, I'm so excited to see your next set! Hope to see it soon!

  6. Hi John.
    You are too too kind and I am far too tardy in saying thank you for you taking the trouble to comment. Thank you.