Tuesday, August 31, 2010


"Stupid Gulls ... Piss Off." An irate picknicker on West Wittering beach as captured in my sketchbook
Spoke to one of my daughters at the weekend and heard the cry of Cornish seagulls, the sea and some wild wind in the background. It was, apparently, pretty cold. Green with envy I was as the heatwave continues here as we head into September.
An urban gull in West St., Chichester
It was also good to hear the seagulls. Considering this is an island in the middle (well not exactly) of an ocean it is surprising how comparatively few seagulls there are. Or at least how unaware one is of them. Even down at the harbour they seem a pretty well-behaved, comparatively untalkative and rather scarce bunch, unlike their rowdy and numerous British brethren.

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