Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm back ...

And it was great. Really great.
Hanging the show
The show was good. Five paintings went to good homes, released into the big wide world. I am so happy that someone likes my work enough to reach into their pockets and pay for it with their hard-earned cash, but I have to say a part of me is always sad to see them go ...

Workaday East Croydon Station in the mother of all blizzards.
 The snow was amazing. The stunning new take on familiar, even mundane places in London is almost worth the cold, the slips and general inconvenience. And the sight of the English rural landscape blanketed in white and swathed in sunlight was simply breathtaking.

The Sussex Downs transformed
 Staying with my crazy daughters was fun, fun, fun and catching up with old friends, new friends and an old new friend was really special.

Then there were the cultural highlights: Gauguin at the TM (absolutely stunning); accidentally stumbling upon a whole roomful of Constable's oil sketches at the V&A (golly, what a find); the 400 Women exhibition at Shoreditch Town Hall (one of the most moving shows I have ever seen); Dame Elizabeth Blackadder in Cork Street and, a few doors down, Miranda Moncrieff's incredible sizzling landscapes, all the more sizzling for coming in from the cold and drizzle. Then there was the cosy afternoon spent roaming around Keat's House in Hampstead Heath as dusk fell  ...

Keat's House in the gloaming.
All in all a memorable and energising fortnight.
Now for something completely different: back down to earth and a bit of work, I think.


  1. Love your paintings especially the cats and dogs as have house full of animals here. one day hopefully I will manage to organise to come see you and the paintings on one of my trips out to Tenerife

  2. Thank you Annette. I have a houseful too, as you may have gathered. The poor things can't believe their luck that they have "their" sofas and chairs back.
    Do get in touch if you're in town.
    Or island, rather.

  3. Welcome back Amanda,
    Am not surprised youor paintings have found new homes and thanx for your write up of your trip which I enjoyed reading. Happy Christmas! Sophie*

  4. And a very happy Christmas backatcha, Sophie.
    I'm missing the snow already but shamelessly slavering over all my new tubes of paint ...