Sunday, May 29, 2011

Haworth Parsonage Revisited

I have done another Haworth for the ABNA show. Slightly smaller with transportation in mind. It's a tighter composition and has the addition of Victoria and Adelaide, the Brontë geese exiting stage left. The moors are darker and the moon has a yellowish tinge though it probably doesn't show up much on the photo.

Comparing the two reminds me a bit of those spot the difference pictures you used to get in comics years ago.
I did consider putting Black Tom, the Brontë cat into the mix but haven't so far. However, there is still another 24 hours before I take this to the framers - anything might happen!


  1. I have borrowed a book from the library - Charlotte and Emily, A Novel of the Brontes by Jude Morgan. Do you know it? I have been intrigued by your pictures and am quite vague about the story behind them so I thought I'd do a bit of reading. Only up to Ch.3 but so far it's very interesting.
    And I love your new, slightly different picture.

  2. Morning deb!
    No I haven't but shall look it out. I'm glad my pictures are sparking an interest in literary giants thanks to the wonderful web!