Saturday, October 1, 2011

Even more cats ...

How many cats qualify you for title of Mad Cat Woman? My six sound paltry by comparison with Mrs Griggs's but when they're all clamouring for food at the same time I swear it FEELS like 6 times 13. 

Anyway my interest extends to other people's cats too - my first question is always What's his/her name - didn't TS Eliot write a poem about that?. Obviously a man after my own heart. Names really are important.
Here are two of my latest miniatures, two black cats. My very first cat, Polly, was a black one. They make such very elegant shapes. Very collag-able (is that a word?): 

James is a cat who seems to have adopted my youngest daughter in London. He lives next door, five floors up. A very urban cat.

And this is William who kind of appeared out of my imagination and a heap of scrap paper that was on my drawing board. I think the name popped up out of my subconscious because I have been toying with and doodling away at Dove Cottage, Wordsworth's  house, lately.

Right, off to the car boot sale at the church now, in the hopes of coming across a stash of old magazines. I really need some new stuff to refresh my hoard.


  1. Black cat owners unite! Love your black cat portraits. Stunning.
    Remus, (aka ReRe) was acquired after our other tiny black cat, Aretha, (also ReRe) died. She was special: a dog in a cat's body. She'd walk daintily downtown on a leash. Jim wanted another just like her, but didn't realize she was a canine feline. So Remus explained the difference. He is also known as 'Baby Huey' (Donald Duck's oversized, dense, youngest nephew), at 10+ pounds. He looks like a minimalist painting when sprawled on the bed. (See his pic on my blog Aug 23rd)

  2. Hi Robin, ReRe deffo sounds one in a million. The black cats I have known have all been basically timid souls (or as we say Scary Cats)which I have always put down to a collective memory of human abuse. They don't make it easy on themselves either - my current black cat has a habit of sitting in my black chair and will personally vouch for human abuse every time I sit on him without looking hard first.
    Alan! it's been ages - why does your comment remind me of that tacky 60s puppet show where one of the catchphrases was "Those eyes, those terrible eyes .... aaarghhh"?