Saturday, February 25, 2012

Breaking the silence

Casa Amarilla, Gallinas Blancas

Well, it's been a long time ....
Mostly because I have been a bit preoccupied by stuff involving a good deal of queuing in official places just lately, then had my daughters staying for a fortnight and have been accustoming myself to new computer and new Windows ... that's my excuse anyway.

I'm not very happy with the way the snowy Brontes are going so they have taken a temporary back seat. In the meantime here are the two paintings (yes, I did say "paintings") I am showing next month at Delamore Arts in Devon at the British Naives exhibition.
Architecture again!

I took them into the framers today in an effort to be efficient and organized!
(Some hope).

Caribbean Church with Kling-Kling Birds


  1. So nice to change media and not miss a beat! Different feeling to it, but still YOU.

  2. These are amazing! So much detail! and such interesting subject matter.

  3. Your paintings are every bit as detailed and beautiful as your collages. You have such a definite style - I really love what you do!

  4. These are very pretty, yet if I didn't know they were paintings I'd say they might be quilts! Well, your "gallinas blancas" (I asume white chicken) could be turned into a wallpaper motif - it would be perfect for any "cool" country home.

  5. Thank you for all your lovely comments you lovely people you!
    The paintings definitely take longer to do than the collages -though having said that the one I am on at the moment seems to be taking forever - principally because I have had problems sourcing my usual spray glue for the larger pieces. One of the frustrations of small island life!