Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Roman work in progress ...

A departure from British houses, but a return to an old favourite.

I am currently re-reading Stanley Plumly's wonderful meandering poetic biography Posthumous Keats and couldn't help but sketch out an idea for a new house, the last lodgings of the poet in Rome and the place where he died.

It is still at the blocking in stage.

What caught my attention was the Naples yellow colouring of the walls that more or less matched the colour of the postcard of the manuscript of his sonnet Bright Star which was propped on a shelf in my studio. I photocopied it and got snipping. From that star came the idea of using a National Geographic photo of a galaxy for the interior of the flat where Keats and Severn lived for six months until Keats's death in February 1821.

Mmmmmm .... not sure where this is going yet but for what it's worth I will put it up if only to prove I am not slacking!


  1. Fascinating, Amanda. I love the thought you put into each snippet of your work. I'm betting this will be fabulous!

  2. Looks like it's going to be another good one! I love your little sketches with the ideas that soon will become real - it shows how much preparation has to be done for every single collage.

  3. Thank you both. I am just catching up here after posting my finished Roman house and have been neglecting you all who post such nice things. A significant break in posting due to "Stuff" which included the death of my soulmate(!) cat, and wielding very big brushes of the house decorating kind. Hope I am getting back on track although I still have five rooms to go. Thankfully all white!