Wednesday, August 15, 2012

All framed up ...

... and ready to go to:
a large consignment of eleven collages and paintings which, having been scanned and framed, are now being parcelled up for shipping tomorrow. Quite a large parcel. I always find parcels a challenge. Sticky tape and me not being what you might say the best of friends. Can you hear the fear? Not for nothing did I only last one day on the gift wrap counter in Selfridges in my student Christmas job days.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, I am deep into Edith Sitwell's Queens and the Hive and on an Elizabethan roll which has filled my former creative hiatus ... this is how things stand at the moment:

It's at that exciting stage when it has ceased teetering on the edge of the waste paper bin and looks as if it will shape up nicely.
Where, what and who?
I'll leave you guessing ....


  1. I, too, was a Christmas gift wrapper! I got the hang of it OK. The big roll of packaging tape was familiar when I sold wholesdale. Now I pride myself on being able to cover leftover food with plastic wrap in one swoop! It's come to this...

    Keep sending those beautiful pieces out and you'll be a master also! (Not sure if the pay is any good though.)

  2. Hi Robin, I seem to remember the pay was lousy then - but as a struggling student I was grateful to have enough to buy food and materials. I was switched to the toy department. Much more fun on the Pelham puppet counter!
    I have enormous admiration for people who manage plastic wrap let alone can tie a ribbon round a package and it not look mangled.

  3. Good luck with delivery - always unnerving when glass is involved - and the Gallery! Lesley

    1. Look alike plexiglass is a wonderful (and lightweight) thing!
      I DO prefer the real stuff, but it's that or nothing and at least they're protected.
      Still cant work out how the parcel weighed in at 10 kilos though!