Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vanessa Bell and a blank canvas in the garden at Charleston

Finished at last!
That was my fiddliest to date. Collaged gravel is something else to try to cut out and stick down.
The Carrington swan insisted on staying and the dainty young chap with no clothes on (unless you count the convenient wisp of Omega Workshops-style gauze of course) appeared after I had recced some Charleston photos and noted rather a lot of Grecian posing.
Vanessa is obviously having trouble deciding what to paint. Or maybe where to look.

The black cat which appeared in my first sketch has jumped up onto a commanding position on the wall.
I do wish I had placed the sun about one centimetre higher up. It's bothering me, but glue is not the most flexible medium when it comes to rectifying misplacements. I will have to have a think about that one.
Of course Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant were artists and so I have wandered a bit from my remit here, but on the other hand think of all the Bloomsbury writers who visited Charleston. And Vanessa Bell's husband wrote books.
So that's alright then.
Anyway, time to tidy up the studio, do some admin and think about my next paper and scissors challenge ...


  1. Vanessa Bell/Bloomsbury Group/Charleston are my all time favorites! Maybe because I started as a decorative painter of furniture and they gave inspiration. Love the happy colors and fun details. They do have a life of their own, as you said. You do them justice!

  2. This piece is fantastic, Amanda. Love the vine going up the front of the house, window curtains, swan, carefully draped model and, of course, Vanessa and her hat and blank canvas. I feel like a child when I look at one of your pictures, searching out every tiny detail. And I love the colors you used in this!!