Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dangerously listing actually ....

... that's me at this pre-exhibition moment.
It's all very well putting pictures up cyberwise on the worldwide web but my anxiety levels know no bounds when it comes to the prospect of actually hanging the actual pieces in an actual gallery in an actual location.

Complications arise when that gallery is abroad and I have to add the worry of normal travel details like how many clothes and bits and pieces I can stuff into hand luggage.
The large case will be stuffed solely with writers' houses.
So at least that's simple.
My answer to all this is to go into list-making overdrive.
I write everything down on bits of paper.
And given that the studio is naturally awash with bits of paper anyway these lists tend to go under never to resurface ...
So the first and last item on these lists now generally begin with "Do list".
In between I am darting up and down to the framer.
And revising each image.
And adding bits and changing bits.
Like the latest house above which got two more birds and a bit more foliage before glazing.
Anyway, just look at this posting....
.... I have made another list.
(And you now know why I haven't been around much just lately).


  1. I hope it's just the physical act of getting your work to the exhibit that is worrying you, Amanda, because I'm positive that your exhibit will be a great success! I was showing your blog to my husband ( a very left-brained engineer type ) the other day, and he loved your work as much as I do!!
    Very best wishes to you! Wish I could be there to see every detail of your wonderful artwork in person!!

  2. (I like lists. Especially crossing things off them!) Good luck with the exhibition. I'm sure it will all go well and like Judy, I wish I could be there to see it in person.