Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Finishing off Dr Franklin ...

Down to details ... what is it they say? That the devil is in them? Well it could well be, they certainly take a lot of patience and a bit of swearing - especially when some tiny piece falls on the floor and gets lost amidst the off cuts under the table.
Should be finished today though.
Mmmm that cat needs a tweak or two too......


  1. I've just found your blog and I wanted to say how much I've enjoyed going through the posts and seeing all your lovely work. The detail is amazing and I love the way you use collage as a medium. You've inspired me to try out some collage ideas too!

  2. Thank you and welcome!
    I'm glad to have inspired you. Collage is a very underrated medium. (And oil on canvas a pretty overrated one, she says, remembering a chance (but loud) remark overheard by me from an oily artist passing through my last exhibition - to wit: "These are very strange arent they?" - oh dear, how criticism rankles!).
    So go for it! The world needs more collage! (And your crochet work is divine, btw). But make sure you have lovely comfortable scissors. My personal favourites are a pair left behind in the house by a hairdressing friend of my daughter. So even my tools are recycled!

  3. Terrific work as usual! Love to check in on you and see what
    you're up to!