Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Painting! Yes, really!

A little breather between collages took the shape of this small painting:

Calm Before the Storm

 I have tried photographing it in every room, on every terrace, using every setting on the camera .... and still the true dark colour of the sky refuses to be pinned down!
In reality I used a mix of Windsor Blue and Violet with a dash of black
to make a rich night sky and here it is, looking like daytime!
The sheep have a muddy Naples Yellow wash too, but you wouldn't know it.
But I have lost patience now.
If I get a truer photo I will replace it.
Anyway, it's a small piece intended for a group show in St Ives in August, quarried
from one of my old sketchbooks with doodles done on my last visit to the Peak District.
Many, many years ago, when I lived there, I used to make and sell sheep along the lines of "fairings"
out of plaster. Very primitive. And I still have these three hanging around in the studio here, very much the worse for wear.
But still inspiring me, it seems, years later.
I'll never kick the Staffordshire pottery habit!


  1. Love these Amanda!! You should do more of these little sculptures, so sweet!

  2. Hi Judith! When I moved here I couldn't get the right plaster and anyway I had moved out of sheep country. I must say I miss messing about in 3D sometimes,

  3. Paintings, sculpture, collage. All good and all look like you. Nice to be able to switch them up!