Friday, June 7, 2013

Sheep on my table

A flock of unruly sheep and lambs are taking over the chaos of my worktable...

 After publishing that photo a while back of some battered plaster sheep that sit on a shelf in my studio, the product of a venture into souvenirs many years ago when I lived in sheep country, I was asked to do a few samples.
 So I have:

But in papier mache rather than plaster of Paris.
Though still in their sort of Staffordshire-esque naïve style.

Not sure if they are going anywhere, so to speak, but I really enjoyed the messiness and working in 3D for a change.
Poor old Mrs Gaskell was put on the back burner for the duration of this pilot experiment.
I'd better get back to her ...


  1. Love to see other artists round out their experiences. Sheep are a wonderful subject. Nothing not to like!

  2. Hi Robin, I'm a sucker for sheep. Really enjoying reviving them! Breath of fresh air in the studio.