Monday, July 8, 2013

Wilder Weather in Haworth

I took this new take on Haworth Parsonage (yeah, I know, I have a bit of an obsession with some buildings) to the printer for scanning before sending it off for an exhibition in Yorkshire next month.
I thought it was finished.
When I picked it up I immediately knew it wasn't. A week's break from an image is a wonderful thing I have learned. Even better than looking at it in a mirror which is another way of refreshing the old eyeballs.
So I set about adding bits and pieces...
Compare and contrast - it's like one of those spot the difference puzzles.
The finished picture (forgive the pallor and blur - it's my own snap and I'm not very good at getting lighting and things right) has more weather and lots of manuscripts. I think I may have been influenced by the witches in Macbeth that I've been hearing about and reading and remembering from school lately. The fact that so many great classic novels were written by three different people in that house is nothing short of sorcery to my mind. So I conjured up a full blown Haworth full moon storm.

The question is, is it really and truly finished now?
The next one is can I get back to my Christmas church?
Then, what on earth will the printer think when I turn up with this one again?
And when can I get to the post office to send it off?
So many questions, so little time ...
In the meantime here's a link to the exhibition at the Art In The Mill Gallery:


  1. They're both beautiful but I like the 2nd one best, you can almost feel the wind on that one.

    1. Thank you Paula. I'm sooo glad you didn't say you preferred the first!

  2. I agree. I too like the second one. I find patience really helps. Putting something aside and catching a glimpse really opens one eyes. So glad I have found your blog.

    1. Hallo Susan and welcome. You're right. I'm not very good under deadline pressure.