Monday, August 19, 2013

Sold and Scanned

I have been busy since I last checked in here.
I promised to put up a decent image of my latest Jane Austen collage, so here it is:

Jane and Cassandra Austen Walking to Steventon Church, Christmas Morning
The nice crisp whiter than white snow makes a big difference doesn't it?
And I have sold two more original pieces, this one which was at the Now For Naïve exhibition at the Art in the Mill Gallery, Knaresborough:

Bronte Moon

And this one, "She Kept Her Political Views and Radical Past to Herself" at the ABNA (Association of British Naïve Artists) at the Mariners Gallery, St Ives:

Onwards and upwards!


  1. Just discovered you and your wonderful creations via Twitter. LOVE your work!

    Will you be offering a digital print of "Jane and Cassandra Austen Walking to Steventon Church, Christmas Morning"?? i sincerely hope so! i would love to purchase one as a gift for my dear sister.

  2. Hallo Vicki,
    YES! I will be sorting out my Christmas cards next week and once they are rolling I will get some prints done at the same time.
    Watch this space, as they say.

  3. The whiter than white crisp snow definitely adds to the chill factor! Beautiful collage! And I love those portraits in the previous post.

  4. HI Deb, thank you. I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks in card form