Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Slowly, slowly catchee ...

The reason for the lull in my postings now becomes clear as mud - much grimacing, much swearing and much cold sweating when I press the wrong button - but I really think this time I have cracked it and it may be a question of all systems go on the website front:

 Wooohoooo, that is one scarey looming-out-of-the-ether photo!
So here's another to put it into my habitually cluttered mess of a context, albeit still glowing eerily:

So far I have three-quarters assembled 3 pages and hope to have it ready before I jet off to the UK. I must say I would recommend Weebly to absolutely anyone who is clueless on the technical front, it really is a build-your-own-site-for dummies and looks pretty good into the bargain. Though I could doubtless improve things even more were I to go from Basics to Advanced.
And the great thing is it's FREE!

Five gold stars to Weebly. Even if it is a bit of a "zany funster" word and I have to tag it onto my domain name.

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