Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Staffordshire Pair

A Staffordshire Pair
I did this today and thought I'd just put it up now before I toddle off to bed and while I'm still on a computer roll.
It's a collage (yep, those old Vogues definitely came in useful) which was sparked from doing Carlo. I really love the idea of mirror images.
Well, almost mirror images.
And I adore this sort of English pottery.
You can keep your Meissens!


  1. Love it Amanda, Im seeing alot of really good collage art at the moment, its amazing what can be created from those old glossy mags - very impressed, and thanks for sharing the link.

    Love to you, have a great day
    Julia x

  2. Thanks Julia.
    Glossy mags have never come high up on my household budget. Except perhaps when I was in my house building phase. I now regard them with new and very greedy eyes!
    Love and a lovely day backatcha

  3. Love these two :) I can see they have been up here for a while, but I have spotted them only now. Brilliant! Something every Brit has on their fake or real fire place.