Thursday, March 17, 2011

Work in progress ...

This is the state of play (and never a truer word!) at present on my desk, though minus the cat who had made a rapid (and assisted) exit just before I shot this.

I thought I'd take a photo to remind me of where everything (roughly) goes before transferring and glueing the bits to another piece of paper. And possibly before the cat scatters everything to the four winds in her unstoppable quest to be the absolute centre of attention. Under my nose.

And at the risk of being a bore (for anyone out there who has read of this elsewhere, like on my FaceyB pages) may I say Suzie Grogan has kindly posted some images of my Keats House collages today on her brilliant blog, No More Wriggling Out of Writing Woman, a link for which I would post right here but I have tried and the feat appears to be way beyond my technical expertise at present. But the whole blog link is on my list down on the left, if you see what I mean.
Goodness, this post is straying into gobbledegook...

Anyway, please take a peek - then carry on grazing among all the other interesting nuggets Suzie has posted.


  1. She looks very sad in this picture. Worried even? Is she crying ?

  2. Only recently found your blog via 'sixtyonea'. Your work is amazing - I love it! Love seeing the state of your desk with all the leaf cut outs. Judging by the size of the pen and pencil, this composition is not very large which makes it even more amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you Deb. So nice to get comments in my box instead of big fat zeros! The state of my desk has always been the bane of my life. I even got into trouble about it in school I seem to remember. When it gets too bad I have a massive clean up and then wonder why I didn't do it sooner.

    Hi Alan. Yep it's a sad, sad picture. Sort of Isabella and the pot of basil, sort of Miss Brawne, sort of a relative, but big, big sort of the way the world is at the moment. That is the backgound noise of our lives at the moment. Even without rolling news.

    It's all an even bigger mess than my desk, in fact. And Lord know what we're in for round the corner.
    And on that cheery note, folks, I'm off to find my scissors!

  4. Wow, this is an impressive collage! Your attention to detail is very admirable and I like the shades of colors that you use. However, I'm a bit curious why your subject is sad? If this was your emotion while working on this project, I hope you're feeling better now. Thanks for sharing.