Friday, June 3, 2011

The Woolfs' Retreat

Virginia and Leonard, that is, in the East Sussex countryside.
Near Lewes.

This is still at the planning and moving around and humming and ha-ing stage, as you see. But I needed to take a photo just in case the lot went flying and I was left with bits on the studio floor and a paper puzzle to solve.

Next to Keats and his circle come the Bloomsberries in my affections. I caught both early - in my teens - and they persist all these years later. In fact now I come to think of it the first two things I bought myself with the first wages I earned in my first job was a smelly Afghan jacket and the two volume biography of Virginia Woolf by her nephew Quentin Bell.
Many years and thousands of kilometres later I still have the books. 

God knows what happened to that absolutely frightful jacket.


  1. Always loved and was influenced by the art of the Bloomsbury Group. Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant. Your post made me look for an art book I thought I had on Charleston, but couldn't find. Hope I didn't lend it away...
    I like that your art includes a literary reference to the subject matter. And I like your style of collage and painting. I'm glad to have found you through Kirsty at Sixty One A.
    Thanks for reminding me of rich British art and literature.Will have to re-explore those early favorites.

  2. Hallo Robin and welcome and thanks for signing up. I know what you mean about art books that go missing. I still feel a tweak in the guts when I think about all the books and other stuff I lost in a big trunk in one of my moves and that was years ago.
    I've always been a bookworm and building lover so this latest project of mine fits like a glove. Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.
    I have so enjoyed looking around your website, such lovely original images. You now have a new regular visitor!