Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beginning with Blake

My love of William Blake dates back to my art school days when he fitted in with all that rebellion, mysticism and downright morbid angst to which spotty youth is so prone. Bedsits with Athena posters of Blake's engraving of Newton, funny cigarettes and vile smelling joss sticks ... those were the days... Blake spans such a wonderful period of English history, being born just before Romanticism really got underway , in 1757 and dying in 1827.

A dyed in the wool Londoner, he nevertheless has a connection to my favourite county, Sussex, having lived in the idyllic village of Felpham for three years (1800-1803) during which time he produced the strangely wondrous words for Jerusalem. The cottage, then called Rose Cottage, still stands but is privately owned.
So I have decided it is to be my next collage capture.

Here is the roughest of rough beginnings:

And here is an engraving of the building by the great man himself:

I think the blue is too strong. I want to keep to the true Blakean palette. That means a lot of whittling down of cuttings scraps ... watch this space!


  1. You know we have something in common. The funny cigs and joss sticks ( memories) and your Sussex connection. We moved from Brighton. You didn`t go to Reigate Art School by any chance?

  2. No, Croydon, though not so far away as the drow flies really ... but remember riding horses and drinking extremely strong homebrew cider in Reigate.

  3. drow? lord that's what funny cigs and zider does for you.

  4. Looking forward to how you do this. Love the combination of the literary and artistic themes. Blake would approve!

  5. Ahhhhhhh! Yes Thats what does it. Thats what makes them so interesting.

  6. Yes I seemed to spend all my time at art school in the pub drinking cider ans listening to Bob Dylans Freeweelin.

  7. The idea of Blake approving has me on my knees eating humble pie, Robin!
    Drinking in the pub was a luxury for me, Alan. You must have had a much more generous grant. We were more likely to be found in the greasy spoon opposite sharing capuccinos.