Friday, July 29, 2011

A Sussex Albion

Finished this today. 

William Blake and his wife metaphorically cast out from the Garden of Eden - or rather in this case Felpham - Adam and Eve style, after the incident with the soldier, and overlooked by one of his angels that lived in the trees.

Most of the cuttings for this collage came from a stash of old National Geographics - I believe the thatch in reality is a desert and the angel's robe, for instance, part of the Lascaux caves.
I love these transformations.
Anyway, it's a relief to have finished it at last.

Its completion coincides with my beginning a new book tomorrow which may or may not provide me with food for thought for my next House......


  1. Love the transformations in your work and knowing the background of their previous lives. I always see unrelated things within things too. That being a major part of the joy of art. The angel's gown truly flows. Love the ground's tilt, too.

  2. Love the Angel and the Thatched roof.

  3. Hi all.
    Serendipity isn't one of my favourite words but in this case I can't think of anything better. The Lascaux Caves photo was an absolute gift - jumped out at me you could say.

  4. Wonderful picture, this - glad you've found a use for those old NGs!

  5. Thank you James - and thanks for signing up. I love your blog.