Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cards and stuff ...

One way and another, there's been far too much going on in the shape of comings and goings mainly, family stuff (and nonsense) which all combine to push my creativity levels down quite a few notches. So I have been involving myself (on and off) with more practical matters - like getting together things to go in my coming-soon online shop.

Cards, for instance.

Introducing (above and on the left) Field Place and on the right, Haworth Parsonage. Framed collage in the middle. All posing on my mantelpiece.

And below:

bookplates, bookmark and a mini-print greeting card. 

More to come.
In between grappling with Lord Byron's Gothic pile, that is.

Right, back to work ...


  1. These are really accomplished pieces of work. Well done you.You should be very proud!!

  2. Oooh, some cards. Yes please!

  3. Hallo, yep, slowly getting there.
    Alan, you have no idea how much stress was involved in getting thus far.
    I can see why people pay other people to do the practical banging head against a brick wall stuff!

  4. PS Like the way I have managed to bathe my home in a glamorous glow?
    Don't be fooled!