Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chawton Cottage - again

Drawn back to doing a view of Jane Austen's Hampshire cottage from the front, overlooking the busy road to Winchester. Okay, so I am capturing it at a not so busy time of day. Or not so busy day. 
Sunday then.
And it looks a bit churned up.
And there's a visitor calling.
Darn! Right in the middle of a beautifully turned sentence ...

Apparently Miss Austen, who didn't have A Room of Her Own (in the Virginia Woolf sense of a study - her father had one of those), would hide her work (i.e. whatever one of the series of classic works of English literature she was engaged on) under a blotter whenever visitors interrupted her flow of written words. A squeaky door she didn't allow to be oiled would give her sufficient warning to compose herself.

I hope the visitor in the picture is a welcome one.
With lots of the sort of gossip Miss Austen thrived on.


  1. Wonderful! Love the way you have represented the trees, Amanda. Best wishes. Lesley

  2. You live in Spain and you dream about England :-)) This art piece is really gorgeous, so special and unique !

  3. Another brilliant writer's house! So very English, with a proper lady and a proper gentelman.


  4. Oh, Amanda, here you go again with another piece to love and explore! You take so much care with delightful details, that, while at first viewing the artwork is beautiful, further investigation brings even more to enjoy in small bits of life around the house. And yes, I too love those trees the figures - everything!!

  5. Thank you everyone for your kind comments.
    Have to admit that I have added a bench and more leaves since I took this photo. I have now officially finished it. That's final, Amanda. Put those scissors down. Now!