Monday, March 12, 2012

Simply black and white

I really DO love black ink and white paper!
And I also love the beautifully ever so subtly mottled shades of Canson paper. I get crazes on certain Canson colours. At one time it was the dusty blue one. Right now it's the greys and fawns.

These two collages were made from chopped up monoprints. The effect is a bit like a linoprint but with none of that medium's restrictions. Or (let's face it) time consumption. I like playing around with the pieces and moving them around. Which is one thing you can't do with a linocut.

I had Flora and the arrival of spring in the back of my mind as I assembled this image. Somehow it didn't seem finished until I put her in this paper mount with a primitive sort of frame. Gives it the folksy feel I was after.

Previously I made this other collaged monoprint inspired by my finishing off the Haworth paper cut - I obviously wasn't ready to leave the Brontës behind. I took a line from Emily as a point of departure: 
Lone, among the mountains cold ...
which is now the title.

I will be putting them in my Etsy shop when I next feel in an uploading kinda mood!
In the meantime I am going to clean up the ink trails left by one of the cats after he nonchalantly sauntered across the inked up glass sheet. Here are Freddo's paw marks on my desk. Nice monoprint! Don't even start me on the ones on my beige leather sofa .... 
Lucky I'm not a houseproud maruja!


  1. Like it all Amanda, and the cat paw prints- put some on Etsy and they might sell too, you never know! As for the might have started a new trend in interior decorating. Saludos desde Guamasa. Sophie *

  2. Have just had to prove twice that I was not a robot,disturbing that....

  3. Lot of robots about Sophie. I blame the government.
    Freddo is obviously in competition.

  4. It seems your cats are artists as well :) Mine can be that way too, although the worst bit is drinking from vases and knocking them over!

    I love your ladies - you have a very distinct style.


  5. Hi Kristina. Vases - yes. How I envy people who can put a vase of flowers on the table and know they won't hear a crash in the night .... I have given up on that one!

  6. I do like these portraits and I LOVE the Bronte foxes.
    And I did smile about the cat prints although you probably weren't at the time!

  7. Good work - thanks for your visit to my blog.

  8. I have visited this post a couple of times but never had time to leave a comment. When I read your words I could hardly believe these were "chopped up monoprints"! Love the primitive feel and feel like you really nailed it when you put the fawn colored matting around Flora. You are so good at what you do!