Saturday, May 19, 2012

All in the mind (and doodling book)

That post title is nothing to do with cod psychology, and everything to do with this:

To say nothing of this:
and this:

Meaning my life at the moment is dominated by ladders and housepaint. Very tiring. Not much time for proper creativity, just contemplating future projects:

Which are all Wordsworthian. I must say that over his long life, right from the very start, William lived in a succession of fabulous houses ... I will be spoilt for choice once I get back to the studio.

On another note I have to report two sad losses - two of my cats, Ghandi and Jess, dying within a few weeks of each other of unrelated causes. Well actually they were both getting on in years. So it was age related complications. 

Sadly missed by me, though how much by the remaining sprightlier four is debatable. Not much would be my guess.


  1. So sorry to hear about Ghandi and Jess, Amanda. Two sad losses, so close together.
    As for the painting, good luck with that! I know from experience how tiring that can be!

  2. How in sync we are! Although not painting the size of a house, my little bathroom is just about done! Also, got my cat back from the vet after an operation. So upsetting to see her walking and falling down (anesthesia remnant) . Not as serious as your loss, but made me realize nothing lasts forever. My sympathies to you.
    PS My other cat didn't miss her in the least. He was hopeful of becoming an only child.

  3. So sorry to hear about your cats. I guess the others now get more attention!
    Certainly don't envy you the house painting. We started painting our house once. We did one room and then decided to employ someone to do the rest! Too hard!

  4. Hi everyone and thank you for your feline commiserations. Still sadly missed but nobody can deny that they led the lives of Riley for 14 or so years while they were here!

    I have to admit I am getting grumpier by the day re house painting. Three rooms done, three or four to go. I am flagging... Katherine Mansfield had a great cliff of a grey house in Hampstead. But what shade? Did William Wordworth's second Lake District house REALLY have plate glass windows? I doubt it....
    These (and other! like when's the next tea break) thoughts assail me as I load my brush with yet another dripping lick of Brilliant White.
    Oh dear, I feel a creative hiatus coming on.