Monday, May 28, 2012

Progress in paradise ...

Golly, the sheep are threatening to overwhelm things. I may have to have a cull ... Though I have to say Palmer was never one to eek out his sheep when it came to a rural landscape.
And there's William Wordsworth, contemplating the moon in the finest nocturnal Romantic tradition of contemplating the moon, life, love and everything. And sheep, of course.

I almost had a disaster when I came in and discovered the big ginger, Princess Pushy, lying fast asleep in total feline abandon right across the board. (Actually, thinking about it, it would be a cat-astrophe, not a disaster). Anyway, to a large extent it was as so much was dislodged (and this despite my not yelling at her so as not to frighten her and scatter the lot), it took ages to restore order (thank goodness for my digital images).

Am having trouble finding a nice large piece of slightly off-white for the house .... nothing in the scrap boxes is quite what I have in mind. And I really like to start the process of sticking the whole collage beginning with the house itself. 
Might have to resort to the stationer or art shop tomorrow .....


  1. Lovely fresh colours, oh, and the sheep! I think I would have hundreds of these silly animals, they are very cute.

    P.S. Cats do have that perfect feeling where to "place" themselves :)

  2. William looks so relaxed as he contemplates the moon! Love the scene so far. I did laugh at Princess Pushy and your near cat-astophe!