Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Virginia Woolf Christmas ...

This is what is on my drawing board at the moment. The cottage of the Woolfs.  To add to my Christmas card selection. Very little is stuck down, a slight breeze or a wayward cat could cause a Rodmell earthquake. I get nervous about leaving the studio door open.

But the table is full of offcuts from my magazine cuttings box which may be substituted before anything gets glued. And Pinka Woolf, the spaniel, has to be fitted into the picture too.
All in all it's a bit up in the air (though thankfully not literally) right now.

Meanwhile, outside the heatwave continues to swelter.
And our mad neighbour continues to play at earth moving...

Dust and deafening noise ... thank goodness I can concentrate on tranquil snowy Sussex.


  1. My goodness! The neighbor looks like he's building a mountain, not plowing a field! Your snowy cottage looks far more inviting.

  2. The Woofs cottage has a great look and for sure it will turn out a great one.

  3. What a pleasure thinking about snowy weather when its sweltering out. I must try that also in reverse this winter. What is your neighbor creating? A new town?

  4. Now that must be unnerving! And I'm not talking about the neighbour, hope that the artwork gets stuck down soon, because it's such a pretty scene. Lesley