Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Collagistic hangover

This is no fun. Feeling totally groggy after a late night session at the cutting table. Finally called it a morning at 3.30 am and although I haven't totally broken the back of Virginia Woolf's writing shed, I am now pretty confident of it turning out okay.

My problem was I had zonked out on the sofa earlier due to some desperately boring rubbish on the television. Which catnap kept me going into the early hours with the aid of the BBC World Service (NEVER desperately boring) on the radio via my computer. I love working through the night like that, hearing stories - in the safety of my studio - from foreign correspondents in far flung dangerous places, (I will always associate that apple orchard on the right with a war photographer's harrowing account of Marie Colvin's last days) but the price is to feel like a half dead zombie (if that is possible) the next day...
Anyway the above is what I came through to this morning.

And here is a Sussex Downs vignette coming along in the background. Norman (?) church and all.

More sheep are needed over here - and more chestnut leaves.
Right, better try reviving myself with some tea and toast...


  1. oh so beautifull pictures, verry nice!


  2. Those catnaps are fatal! But your late night effort looks amazing! Love the chestnut leaves.