Sunday, January 20, 2013

Progress on the Writing Lodge

This is the tricky bit .... stopping myself from getting caught up in the creative moment and going too far with blocking in a collage before it has been transferred to its paper base.

Even worse, it is a Sunday and I have no suitable paper other than the piece all these bits are currently occupying. Worse still, it is not one but two pieces which I shall have to tape together. The only available blue in the shop yesterday was a rather fetching teal shade, but far too dark for what I have in mind. So these two pieces it will have to be. And I will have to reconstruct the image so far.
Thank goodness for digital photos.
But blimey, all those little leaves on the spreading chestnut tree!
Serves me right for getting low on powder and mid-blue Canson papers.

Writing lodge doodles ...
Initially I thought about putting one of those convivial groups of Bloomsbury members sitting about in deckchairs outside the hut. But then I read this:
"It was here that Leonard came out in July 1931 to tell her that The Waves, which he had just finished reading was a masterpiece."
So, a bit of drama.
The deckchair will probably go.
Far too laid back (both literally and figuratively)!


  1. Your work is lovely...I'm happy I discovered your blog.

  2. hi!
    i have forgotten where i picked up your blog link, but there you have it... i remember woolf's writing lodge. i shall not return to the picture i have taken there, but rather see how your promising collage progresses. it is a nice memory to go back to, actually. we had indeed a very hot day when we were over. in 2004, it was too... cheerio.