Thursday, February 21, 2013

Back to Bricks

After a surfeit of leaves and greenery, I'm going urban again. Georgian again.

As you see, I am still at the messing-about-with-proportions blocking-in stage.
Reminds me of that old Rolf Harris cry of "Can ya tell what it is yet?"
Well it's in London, with a strong American connection is all I'm saying until I am sure I will carry on and get going with it.


  1. Love to see the part of a beginning process. I never remember to take a pic at the onset. Will try to do that too!

  2. Hi Robin. Long time no message - I keep missing everyone's blog posts (as I think I have said before) because of my teeny weeny notepad screen. It is interesting to record a picture's progress and see the twists and turns, additions and subtractions as you go along. This one will have transformed enough to take another photo later on today ...