Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Waves and the Writing Lodge

After The Waves (Virginia Woolf's Writing Lodge)
I will not disguise the fact that this latest picture has been something of a slog. I tell you if I don't see another ruddy leaf it'll be a day too soon. Hundreds of the things there are in this. Well, that's what it felt like anyway. Which of course is the effect I was after, but still ...
I have promised myself an urban house next. Lots of bricks to take away the pain of all these leaves.
Having said all that I think I managed to approximate to what I was after re the subject of the piece, that is, the moment when Leonard comes out to tell Virginia that The Waves is a masterpiece. She sure earned that drink down by her side! (So did I when I glued in the last leaf). I've put waves (thank you, National Geographic) in the windows of her writing hut and there is a bit of a wavy thing going on with the whole composition too - chestnut tree included.
Sea greens and sea blues ... and a foam of daisies encroaching on the terrace.

Whoops - you'll have to click on the picture if you want to get a complete view (otherwise you'll miss the ubiquitous Amanda W cat!)


  1. All those leaves!! Although there is a great story the tree definitely takes centre stage! Beautiful.

  2. Found the cat. Yes, lots of leaves! At least you don't have to rake them...

  3. Hi Deb and Robin.
    That is really one big tree in the Woolf garden. Wonder whether one day they will have to shift the hut as the trunk expands. I think she was a bit of a tree person. One of the first quotes of hers I remember reading years ago was a reply to a question as to what was the brightest possible thing she could think of - it was sunlight on a leaf.