Sunday, November 3, 2013

Flowers at the Cemetery

Entrance to the municipal cemetery
This is, as you can see from the heading, not a post about my work rather than a pictorial report of the absolute joy of visiting a Spanish cemetery for All Souls/All Saints. It's just about the busiest couple of days on the cemetery calendar, a time when relatives turn up with extra special flowers to place at the graves and niches of their dead.
A general view of the rather higgledy-piggledy cemetery where space is at a premium.

A riot of flamboyant colour - no expense is spared by some families despite the recession.
More and more orchids ....

I'm not very good at flower names so have no idea what these pink ones are called. It's a family tomb near the entrance gate, never known not to put on a good show all the year round, but this was I thought spectacular:
Such a nice Edwardian angel too.

One area of the cemetery is given over to the graves of children and babies. It's very touching. While some become neglected with the passage of time, others still get their flowers, decades after their deaths.

A reminder of the high rate of child mortality of former days.

Couldn't resist adding this lugubrious mother and child. Can't say into which category they fall: kitsch or naïve?
So all in all it was a colourful morning. And no, I haven't included any of my pathetic efforts at flower arrangement at the several graves we were visiting.
I'm not much good at it and anyway .... 
look at the competition.

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  1. This is very pretty! You have good weather for the 1st and 2nd of November. We also visit our deceased relatives for All Saints (that's in Lithuania) and not only put flowers on the graves, but also light candles. This year we were very fortunate with the weather, usually we have heavy rains or even snow... Well, our cemeteries looked pretty as well, yet they definitely weren't as bright and there were no orchids...