Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bit of a catch up ....

Time flies especially fast in December.
And my cards and prints have been flying off my online shop shelves to exotic sounding locations even faster than that ... and several collage originals too.
So now, with the rush over, I could get back to Gough Square.
I have just added a couple more pigeons and feel this one is done ...

Just a studio photo as I think if I took it in to my printers for scanning they might throw an Xmas overwork-induced apoplectic fit. There are actually two or three more pigeons in the picture now.

The puddles are a nod towards the state of London's streets in Johnson's time though I bet the real things were rather murkier. Miss William, up on the first floor, has Johnson's other cat Lily on her lap. The maid is coming in with a nice cup of tea (are cups of tea ever anything other than nice?).

Kind-hearted Johnson is saving Hodge from the unwanted attentions of a passing dog. I fancy the chap in the ground floor window might be Johnson's buddy the actor David Garrick. Meanwhile Francis Barber is getting a candle ready to light his way to the front door and one of the inky dictionary assistants upstairs seems to be having a hissy fit about some definition or other...
Like I said, a busy place, 17 Gough Square!


  1. Hi Amanda, I `d like to nominate your blog for Thw Sunshine Award! An award given amonst bloggers. See the link for more info: http://judithlogan.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/sunshine.html
    You are supposed to send it to other bloggers you admire too. A bit time-consuming, but worth it, in the end. xx love your latest work by the way! all the work in those windows!! xx