Sunday, April 24, 2011

Haworth evolution

Dog's out ... leaves in.
Frustrated by having every colour backing paper except the one I want. 
This piece is too small.
Life's too short.

Happy Easter!


  1. Oh, I liked the dog. And I've only just noticed the three silhouettes in the windows! I do hope you find the right background.

  2. It's really good, I like it very much. Just one thing - in the absence of Marina - it looks as if the house may be listing a bit again...

  3. Morning to you! More than listing I think - I agree I must be v. careful. Or can listing houses be excused by naivety (thinks: Alfred Wallis)?

    The dog had to go, Debs. He has not been binned though. He is lurking in my bits box for a possible Keeper and Flossy-based design. Watch this or that space ...