Friday, April 22, 2011

Haworth in peril

This is the latest stage of the game. Taking snaps as I go along as nothing is fixed and everything is likely to be in a flux, not to mention imminent danger of being scattered to the four corners of the studio and beyond by a draught if I inadvertently open the kitchen door or more likely a cat decides to muscle in on the act. I eventually happened upon Charlotte Bronte in the bathroom by the way, she must have stuck to the sole of my shoe and been transported there at some point in the day. She is now restored to her rightful place as you can see, winging along in the wake of her sisters.

So, if disaster does strike I have this memory jogger to restore order to chaos, so to speak.
I am still trying to ignore the fact that Keeper was brown, as you see ...


  1. It`s starting to take shape now. Its very interesting this way of putting an image together. And very now with saving on paint and thrifty making use of stuff lying around. Sorta gives it extra appeal.

  2. Hi Alan,
    I am finding it hugely interesting and, as you say, it is an environmentally friendly way of working. Makes me feel greenly smug. On the other hand I am getting quietly worried about the build-up of old magazines in the studio. Images of mad old women living in midden heaps are springing to mind ...

  3. Oh how fascinating! I love it! Glad you found Bronte. I like reading about how you research it too. Thank you for sharing.
    My partner used to make pots and fired them surrounded by glossy magazine pages. For some reason Playboy magazines worked best (something to do with the ink, so he told me!) I used to get some funny looks when I asked for Playboys at the op shops!

  4. You are a brave woman Deb. I would have refused. I felt bad enough the other week when I actually bought a copy of Vogue because it had some great bits in that I needed for the Keats roof. I was in old jeans and painty sweatshirt at the time. I got a funny look too.

  5. I see you say you have taken photos along the way. Have you thought of putting them together a video to show the piece's progression? It's simply done and fun

    here's a short sample from my work

    all it is, is putting one in progress photo in front of another according to thier date etc.