Thursday, April 21, 2011

Messing around with Haworth Parsonage

This is how I've begun. Nothing stuck down yet. Just playing around with the basic shapes and ideas. There are supposed to be three black Bronte birds (and I use the term strictly in the ornithological sense), but one dropped on the floor and I can't find it.
Was Keeper black? Probably not but he will be for me..
Anyway, it's a start.

Which is hopeful after being stymied in my quest for envelopes for my Keats cards by Semana Santa. The big stationers recommended by the printer was closed, as were 95% of all other shops in La Orotava. Strangely the funny little shop on the bridge that sells outrageously lacy, scanty and expensive knickers was open for business. I was forced to conclude they are either atheists or desperate.
Maybe both.


  1. Holidays and sexy knickers do go together don`t they?

  2. It is a very conservative town that goes in for loads of religious processions. An interesting juxtaposition. Reminded me of when I saw two nuns peering transfixed into the window of a similar shop in Santa Cruz.
    I never have my camera on me when I need it.