Sunday, September 18, 2011

Christmas cards

I have been tweaking my Winter Snows image. 
No, what am I saying? 
I have redone it completely to give it a more decoratively Christmasy feel. 

Wentworth Place with silhouetted inhabitants (Keats and Fanny?), the dashing Dilke cats, some seasonal robins and a gift on the doorstep ...

White is EXTREMELY hard to photograph.

I'm still searching for the definitive shot (this needs more to the left and less to the right) but thought I'd put this one up anyway to prove I haven't been slacking after a week's absence.
Each one of those snowflakes has been lovingly (what?) and individually cut and stuck down.

I think I may be suffering from snow blindness ...


  1. Wonderful wonderland. The feeling of peace and holiday festivites come across together in this. Love the silent sound of the snow (what a project!) falling. The sky color is perfect.

  2. Hi Robin ... more snow and ANOTHER prezzie has gone in since the above. Note to self: stop it, stop it, stop it!