Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Newstead Abbey night scene

Finished at last.
Newstead Abbey with a Gothic twist.

Strangely, as I was sticking down the last pieces, the streaks of lightning, the sound of thunder came over on the radio, accompanying a very brief excerpt from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Creepy ....

It was a storm in the Villa Diodati, Byron's rented villa overlooking Lake Geneva, when those gathered (Shelley, Mary Godwin (later Shelley), Claire Clairmont, Polidori and Byron himself) told each other ghost stories which eventually resulted in Mary Shelley's classic.


  1. It's fantastic. You are so clever! I love the foliage made from underwater vegetation.
    You might be interested in this book made from household rubbish. http://stuffyoucanthave.blogspot.com/

  2. Thank you (eagle-eyed!) deb - I wasn't sure the fact that the vegetation is marine would notice but I did wonder at one point why I was going for the underwater look when I have a stack of Gardeners Worlds to cut up... Then I delved deeper into my mental back burner so to speak and realised what that building was reminding me of - a spooky plastic castle my kids had in their tropical fish tank! Strange what surfaces isn't it? Or in that case stayed put at the bottom of the tank. There was also a skeleton now I come to think of it ... Maybe I'll come back to it and add some fish at some point.

  3. Ha! I'm not so eagle eyed, you mentioned it a couple of posts ago! I still love it, it has a kind of Frankenstein feel to it!

  4. Think it very kismet that you had a radio thunder storm/ narrative while finishing the piece.
    Approval from above?