Friday, November 25, 2011

A farmhouse finished and a cottage beginning ...

Finished this on Wednesday, an image which I shall use for local cards.

And am now busy sorting out possibilities cutting-wise for Dove Cottage and trying to decide on a season. Summer or winter? When I visited as a child I remember it was raining cats and dogs in the height of summer. Wet slate and the smell of earth and damp and the sound of windscreen wipers. 

On the whole, and going on my dim and distant memories I think I might go for watery muted colours so these are the pieces I have found so far. One more box and a pile of fresh magazines to go through. 
I will try very hard to be good and not get side-tracked by the November 2007 edition of Good Housekeeping.

Here is my preliminary swatch (with cat's tail accidentally included).

As you see, continuing my sheep roll, I am thinking of including a passing herd. Not settled about that yet though.
We shall see.
Off to read a spot of Wordsworth to get me into the mood.


  1. I find it fascinating to see your palette of papers. (I noticed your cat's tail before I read your commentary!) As always, I am blown away by your skill and sense of design, and I love your attention to detail!