Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photo shoot chez naive art house

Portrait of a grumpy woman
I am grumpy, stressed out and fed up. Now there's a rivetting way to start a post. (That's not me above, I hasten to add, just a little picture that chimes with my general mood). I am in need of getting down to some serious image-making but all I seem to be doing is shuffling pieces of official paper from one end of town to another or even worse, one town to another. And I daren't even think about the hours of waiting in air-conditioned, miserably-lit depressing offices adorned with hideous paintings where windows should be. 

THEN, in the same fortnight, being the glutton for punishment I already know myself to be, I embark on my Etsy adventure. (Etsy is an online shop community). Stand up anyone who believed the blurb about it being easy-peasy. On second thoughts, don't if you value your life. I was struggling at it all day again yesterday. THEN this morning I woke up to cat sick in the living room and a massive orange spider in the bath.

THEN I switched on the televison and saw the Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph and all my selfish troubles and whinges were kicked into insignificant perspective...

Sooooo ..... back to this Etsy emporium of mine (opening Monday or Tuesday) - it requires photography so I have been stabbing away at every damned setting on the camera hoping that something sharp and appealing and hopefully legible would emerge. That is my usual coping method with any technology whatsoever, be it camera, computer, washing machine or telephone - stab away until it works.

Anyway, here's a sampler of some more acceptable (ie less blurry) images.
I found some nice frames for my Keatsian mini prints:


And here's my Mad Cat Lady in her frame:

And that's enough for now otherwise there'll be no surprise. It'll be a relief to think that maybe next week I will be able to emerge from this horrible chrysalis and start making things that have been buzzing around in my head again in peace and I hope this grumpy whining post will explain to those people with whom I have not been communicating over the past fortnight how things have been. 
My most abject apologies.
Think of it as a lucky escape.



  1. Even in a grumpy mood, you produce fantastic art work, Amanda! I'll be visiting your ETSY shop soon!

  2. Oooh! I think I'm glad I'm way over on the other side of the world! :) Hope things improve soon.
    I like your portrait of a grumpy woman and your cat lady looks fabulous with that blue frame.

  3. Must have been the full moon - I had a rocky week also. Am beginning to crawl my way out now. Good luck with the Etsy project, oh courageous artist! Haven't even thought to attempt anything like that yet. You'll do well.

  4. Hallo everyone.
    Glad to say I am bouncing back ... maybe it WAS the moon. Or more likely overdosing on setting up a website shop. I really am not cut out for it. But it's up and crawling now (running? I don't think so yet). I now have to stock it a bit more so it doesnt look like a soviet bloc supermarket circa 1964.......