Monday, November 28, 2011

My Little Shop

and some of my current stock:

A Jane Austen Christmas

A John Keats Christmas
Seasonal cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These and other goodies available in my shop here:


  1. These are delightful Amanda, love the wee details...and the colours blend beautifully. You are an inspiration...I can feel myself reaching for my scissors and I have a pile of magazines that my partner threatens to throw out (I am being beckoned).

  2. Stumbled upon your work by happy accident surfing the web! Love, love, love! I'm also a big fan of old style houses and curling smoke coming our of chimneys, although if I use collage it's in a mixed media piece. I'm a big admirer of anyone who uses pure collage so artfully like yourself. Keep up e good work! Judith

  3. Hallo Judith,
    Serendipity! You stumbling on me means that I can stumble on you - I love your work too. What is it about houses that are so endlessly fascinating for some of us?
    Thank you!