Friday, June 15, 2012

Allan Bank by Moonlight

Finished this last night ... Allan Bank in Grasmere by moonlight, with William Wordsworth and his books in the foreground.

The poet was a keen gardener and spent a lot of time in that of Allan Bank, creating a romantic landscape, complete with "viewing tunnel" and walks. So sheep, with their voracious appetite, were probably a no-no, but I have put them in to add a Samuel Palmer-ish touch.

The windowframes, as often happened with Georgian buildings, were later replaced by gaping plate glass numbers. I went so far as to get in touch with the National Trust to check on their former small-paned status, which was confirmed by Sarah Woodcraft, a very helpful NT outdoor team curator for the area.


  1. One of my all-time favorites of your work! I love the way you research these historical houses and gardens, and then put your own spin on them, i.e.. the sheep, just adding more charm and lovely detail. Love the figure of Wordsworth in the foreground. You are such a wonderful artist, Amanda!

  2. This piece is amazing! All those leaves, and those windows!
    Wonderful detail and a fascinating story as usual. Love it!

  3. Hallo and thanks, Judy and Deb, my favourite encouragers! It was the biggest one I have done so far. Note to self: must try to set some boundaries and downsize a bit in future otherwise I can foresee the time when they sprawl all over my worktable...

  4. Love this as well. Wordsworth's hair and attitude are perfect. And so are the windows. How do you make them so architecturally correct - straight and perfect?

    1. Hi Robin. I use a tracing paper template if really necessary but most times by eye. On the other hand, if you really want me to screw things up, give me a ruler and a calculator and I'm guaranteed to get it wrong!

  5. Love this moonlit work, the colours and atmosphere you have created......