Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And the heavens opened ...

It has been pouring down today.

Wonderful stuff, sloshing down our hill, beating down the petunias. Grey drizzly clouds hanging across the valley like a curtain, blocking out any view farther than the highest line of banana trees. It's a fiesta of the senses: the feel of rain on our upturned faces, the pungent smell of soaked earth and the glorious sound of ecstatic birds, most particularly a mouthy blue tit who has been hanging around taunting the cats of late.
If there's one thing Spanish birds appreciate it's a good old downpour.

Darkness is almost upon us and I can still hear blackbirds singing as they swoop past.

So here's a painting of our previously parched summer garden to celebrate the turning of the season.


  1. I love looking at your work. really good. ps the link works fine. Alan

  2. Thanks so much Alan.
    The feeling's mutual, I love popping over to yours to get a whiff of the Cornish coast. Intrigued as to which way the red canvas will go though, a new departure?