Monday, September 27, 2010

Time's wingéd chariot ...

... a poetic way of saying that life's too short to struggle with a painting that refuses to come together at the outset, especially with exhibition dates looming closer. So the budgies have been temporarily (or perhaps terminally) parked and I have turned with a big sigh of relief to doing some miniatures.

They are something I often mess around with previous to a larger painting, chopping, tearing, changing and cutting them up like a patchwork or jigsaw. Sometimes I take an old sketch and hack it to pieces and will one day I am sure get around to basing some paintings on the surprising abstracts that can emerge from something quite figurative.

But these ones are destined for the browsers as alternative affordables (which is not to say everything else isn't - far from it!) seeing as it will be at a time when people are buying Christmas presents.
And because I LOVE doing tiny stuff!

Owing to still being cameraless I cannot put up any of these minis so I will drag out something to illustrate my point, one of a few collages which resulted from a prolonged chopping session - I must have been in a "neat" state of mind - they aren't always quite as regular!

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