Tuesday, September 14, 2010

At last ...

It is finished .... or is it? This picture has been an on/off affair and pursuing me for weeks so I am putting it away for a while to let it - or my idle hands - settle and avoid the temptation to carry on ad infinitum. There are passages I fancy developing into pictures in their own right. Mainly the sheep.
My camera is crap (or is it just my lack of knowledge and patience and a total inability to make head nor tail of the manual?) so I will have to wait for a pro photo shoot of accumulated canvases when one of my daughters shows up.
In the meantime, I managed a small detail from the whole which more or less faithfully reproduces the colours, if not the sharpness, or indeed the general theme which includes flying red angels and a Sussex church ...
And next for something completely different ...


  1. i love these strong greens. for me its such a difficult colour but it looks great here. with the clean whites.

  2. Thanks Alan.
    Living where I do green is the colour.
    No black-and-white wildlife however!
    Now there's a thing.