Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas cards and more for Keats House

I am thrilled to think of my artwork being available on holy ground!

Keats House, Hampstead
 My cards and prints and bookplates will soon be on sale in the Keats House shop which occupies part of the room that was once the Dilke then the Brawne parlour. 
Where the great Keats walked ... 
I am, as you see, cockahoop at the mere idea.
So my studio has been converted into a packing station:

As well as the Christmas cards they will be stocking Sailing to Italy and Hampstead Landscape cards and prints:

Sailing to Italy

Hampstead Landscape - Letter from Naples
 And bookplates - providing I can source very small cellophane bags.

Right, no time to blather on, must get back to my cardboard boxes and bubble wrap and weighing scales and packages which will this week be winging their way to the house formerly known as Wentworth Place...


  1. I accidentally came across your blog and just wanted to say that you creations are very beautiful - warm and unique. I wish you loads more inspiration.

  2. Thank you very much Kristina. Now I am going to delve into your blog - I see some names I recognise on there already.

  3. Delightful work! So much fun and colour...:)

  4. Hi Deb, yes extremely exciting. Hanging your work in a gallery is one thing. Having it - albeit in print form - in the actual historic home of one of your all-time heroes for me is even more so!

    Thank you so much Paula.